Friday, July 8, 2011

Main Tangkap-Tangkap Gambar


MAD Deal of the Day: RM180 instead of RM380 OR RM190 instead of RM400 for Rectangle or Square Canvas Printing respectively + One Complimentary Canvas Printing + Touch Up + FREE DELIVERY to West Malaysia from Photo Frame Services.

You know, when you are camera shopping, you are always looking out for the 'most megapixels'? Don't let that go to waste!

Blow your favourite picture up on canvas and make the most use of your megapixels! Click HERE if you wanna to deal with it. Hurry up guys.

Tell your friends about this deal and be rewarded with every purchase they make through your link.

1 comment:

muhamad hanif said...

apa benda nihh ?

aku bluuurrlah ?!!

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