Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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Today, i had joined Nuffnang contest to design New Youth Credit Card. First of all, it is my first time to me to create and joined contest like this. I take this opportunity to challenge myself use my all creativity to design new youth credit card.

Basically, i used Adobe Photoshop CS5 software to design my new youth credit card. Its quite interesting to use that software because it easy, simple and can make your design is more better than others.

Concept for my new youth credit card design is abstract element. I choose that because all the youth in Malaysia is quite unique than other countries around the world. We have variety of races like Malay,  Chinese,  Indian and etc. So, that I call "Malaysian Truly Youth Outstanding" my phrase that i put at top my design card to tell youth all over world that Malaysia have multiple races and cultural but we always support each other to create successful Malaysia in any field such as education, economic, technologies and more.

For my new youth credit card design also i had created Malaysia Youth logo at top left corner to symbolic of united between all youth in Malaysian. Wherever you are from other races, religions and culture but spirit of unity in Malaysian Youth heart is very outstanding. I'm very proud to be Malaysian Youth. So that I called my new youth credit card is "Extremely Classy". Why? Because youth in Malaysia is very good in fashion, fun, and delightful. That why they should have this my new design credit card. Really?? I hope so. Ngeee~

For those who wanna to join this contest, you are very warmly welcome. Give your best shot to design new youth credit card to win the brand new Macbook Pro with Retina Display (worth RM4599) or iPad Mini 16GB (worth RM999) now! Deadline for this contest is 12:00pm, 17 March 2013 (sunday). Hurry up guys! Further information please click HERE


Unknown said...

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Ridzwan: tq

Unknown said...

Wow.. Nice.. Still tertanya2 macam mana boleh dapat effect macam tu pakai photoshop. Anyway goodluck!

Unknown said...

@Mira Cikcit: Effect tu ade je kat situ...double click kat layer tu je...btw tq

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